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The American dream is alive and well - and you are proof. As a self-made business owner, you have accomplished what only a small percentage of individuals ever will. You’ve dreamed, you’ve worked hard, and you’ve established a company that not only supports you - but the lives of every person you employ.

As a key component to your overall wealth, your business is a closely held asset you can’t afford not to protect. While most people focus on traditional stocks, bonds, mutual funds and investments to secure their financial future - you are not like most people. Your company is your nest egg - and whether it represents 50 or 80 percent of your net worth, it is an integral part of your overall financial picture. Designing a strategy today, that outlines what the business will look like in the future, is essential. Not only to the business itself, but to your long-term financial wellbeing. 

The complex nature of your wealth demands a plan that will protect it. A strategy that anticipates the nuances you face as a business owner. You deserve to collaborate with a firm that is committed to your holistic financial wellness. A team that has insight into your position as a business owner and the steps necessary to preserve and manage your wealth.

From transferring your life’s work to the next generation, to transitioning into retirement, and beyond - Moffatt Financial Strategies offers strategies that extend well beyond portfolio management.

Protect Your Business

Develop strategies to protect your most important asset, your business.

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Steward Your Wealth

Implement a comprehensive wealth strategy that maintains and grows your assets.

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Plan for Succession

Create an exit plan for your business.

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Corporate Retirement Plans

Implement a Corporate Retirement Plan designed for your business.

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