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Our Commitment

Your Goals Are Our Priority

At Moffatt Financial Strategies, we don’t have a preconceived idea of your needs. Instead, we ensure that your goals guide our recommendations and determine the strategies we use. We help you put together a solid plan with an emphasis on written goals and objectives. We find that written goals not only help direct your investment plan, but act as a measure for your success, providing an objective benchmark during turbulent times.

We Take Time to Determine Your Goals

We believe that it takes time to ascertain your goals, to ensure good communication, and to get comfortable with a financial advisor. That’s why we take time to truly listen to our clients. We don’t even make recommendations during our first consultation. We make sure we understand your needs by talking with you before deciding on a direction

Our Passion Helps You Obtain Your Goals

When you choose Moffatt Financial Strategies, you have the advantage of working with a small, dedicated team of financial professionals who are passionate about managing your financial well being. We believe that together, we can tailor your financial plan to your individual situation to help you pursue your goals. Start working toward your goals today with the team at Moffatt Financial Strategies, LLC.