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Investment Planning

Saving money isn't enough to protect your family, plan for retirement, or generate a source of income. You need investments that make money instead of passively sitting in the bank. With an investment plan, you'll diversify your portfolio with various investments that produce streams of income. An investment advisor assesses your goals and helps you plan for the future.

What Is Investment Planning?

For a business owner, investment planning involves setting financial goals for your business and personal life. You'll plan to improve your current situation and preserve your legacy years into the future. Once you figure out your goals, your investment advisor helps you make it happen with investments like stocks, bonds, and equities.

Who Benefits From Investment Planning?

Everyone in your orbit benefits from investment planning, including the following: 

  • You. With investment planning, you'll maximize your income and get ready for retirement so you can enjoy life without worrying about money. You might even be able to retire early.
  • Your spouse. If you die young, investment planning provides a source of income for your spouse. Without it, they might go into debt as they try to support themselves. Liquid assets provide a quick source of cash for your spouse during emergencies.
  • Your children. Likewise, investment planning provides income to take care of your children if you die. You'll also leave an inheritance that allows them to live comfortably when they're adults.
  • Business partners. With a retirement plan and exit strategy, your business partners and employees know what to expect when you move on.
  • Future generations. Without investment planning, your money could dry up after your death. Investment planning generates income for your children, grandchildren, and future generations to preserve your legacy. They could pay for college, provide for their families and open their own businesses.

Do You Need an Investment Advisor?

When you own a business, you manage multiple assets and income streams as well as your responsibilities to your family and business partners. Adding investments to the pile helps you provide for your family, but it creates more stress and takes time away from your company. If you don't have experience in the investment field, you could lose your savings or compromise your business.

An investment advisor helps you juggle your finances so you invest your money wisely. If you're still unsure if you need an advisor, reach out to Moffatt Financial Strategies to discuss your situation. Calling us or sending us an email is always free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an investment consultant do?

An investment consultant uses their expertise to help you make a plan and invest your money. Making investments isn't as simple as buying stocks — you need knowledge and experience to protect yourself if one investment plummets. Whether you just started your business or are thinking about retirement, advisors help you through any stage of life.

What is investment planning?

Investment planning is part of financial planning. When you start financial planning, you evaluate your current situation, make plans to get out of debt, talk about paying for your children's education, consider investment products, write your will, discuss income taxes, and plan a budget. Investment planning focuses on reaching these goals with stocks, bonds, cash, and properties.

How do I develop an investment plan?

Reach out to an investment advisor to develop an investment plan. Investment consultants have extensive knowledge about market trends, goal-setting, preserving wealth, and investing your money wisely. When you don't know where to start, advisors offer the knowledge that you need.

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Moffatt Financial Strategies investment consultants teach you how to invest money, then show you where to invest money to meet your financial goals. We stay on top of market trends to give you the best shot at investing wisely and selling at a high price. Our investment advisors work with stocks, bonds, cash, property, and alternative investments to generate multiple income streams.

For business owners, planning ahead means preserving your legacy. Our investment plans help you retire when you're ready and preserve your wealth for future generations. Talk to us about investment planning, retirement planning, and exit strategies. Send us an email, fill out the contact form or call our office — we're eager to help businesses in the area.

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