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<span>The <strong>DREAM</strong> Planning Process</span>

The DREAM Planning Process

We help you understand your goals even if you don’t know what they are yet.

The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out. - Proverbs 20:5

You should be empowered to act with confidence, organization, commitment, and discipline in designing and implementing a financial plan of action. Moffatt Financial Services specializes in wealth plans that address the unique needs of families and business owners. 

To do this, we use the D.R.E.A.M Planning Process, a financial planning model that provides a comprehensive blueprint that helps you preserve, steward, and create a legacy from your wealth.

When the process is complete, you can manage the health and welfare of your wealth with a strategy that is determined by what is important to you and a plan in place that focuses on achieving your goals.

 The Dream process consists of five disciplines:

  1. D (Define) – This practice defines your goals.
  2. R (Realize) – This practice focuses on realizing your current position.
  3. E (Engineer) – This practice engineers a plan.
  4. A (Action) – This practice establishes a plan of action to pursue your goals.
  5. M (Monitor) - This practice monitors results, educates on best practices, takes corrective actions, and keeps your goals in focus. 

This practice helps you manage the health and welfare of your financial strategy by determining what is important to you and how to put strategies in place that focus on your goals.

Plan for your family.

Plan for your family.

Plan for your business.

Plan for your business.