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Cash Management Services

A steady influx of cash is a by-product of a successful business, but what you do with that cash can have a real impact on your total revenue each year. We offer access to a variety of cash management services, each customized to address the individual goals of businesses of all sizes. Because no one strategy is right for every business need, we will take the time to carefully discuss with you the risks and advantages of each option.

Cash Enhancement Strategy


If your time horizon is between 9–24 months, a cash enhancement strategy may fit your needs. Using a separately managed account constructed of short-duration, investment-grade, fixed-income investments can help boost yields on cash reserves while enabling the preservation and stability of principal and providing a high level of liquidity. To ensure optimum effectiveness, your portfolio can be customized to address the specific cyclical expenditures and cash flow requirements of your business. We can provide you with access to a complete line of fixed-income investments. We will work with you to develop a portfolio of short-term instruments designed to address your specific cash flow needs. Combining exceptional customer service with portfolio strategy, analysis and trading recommendations, we offer access to competitive rates on a variety of money market instruments, including treasury bills, agency discount notes and commercial paper.

Additional Cash Management Services: 

  • Brokered CDs
  • Commercial paper
  • U.S. government treasuries
  • Agency discount investments
  • Municipal floaters